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 Hi! This is a website where you can book your skydive and start your adventure with skydiving. We are organising AFF Skydiving Courses based in Seville, Spain but we can also organise it in different locations if required. We are going to prepare you to became a full member of our beautiful sport. 

Before you go to Spain and jump out of a plane we will first meet for coaching in an Indoor Skydiving Tunnel. This is to ensure that you have great experience and successfully finish your AFF course. With your shiny new qualifications as a skydiver we want you to be a happy and confident in your own abilities new member of our skydiving family. 

We are also available to experienced skydivers who are looking to improve their skills, learn new freefall positions or want to explore the possibility of jumping with others or as part of a team!


There is a few different ways to start your adventure with skydiving but the most important is to start with the right people full of passion. Look no further as we believe we are the ones!

We recommend that your first step is to fly in UK Bedford Wind Tunnel with one of our instructors. This will help you quickly learn basic skills and start building your confidence as a future skydiver. It will also give you a great advantage in achieving great results in the next step which is the AFF Skyidiving Course.

AFF is a course where after 6-8h of Ground School you will be able to start jumping using your own parachute equipment. Of course the instructors will guide you all the way from the very beginning to proficiency.

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Wind tunnel is a great place to learn and practise your freefall body position before starting your AFF course. You will be trained by your AFF instructor so you are fully prepared for your first AFF skydive.

Wind Tunnel flying undoubtedly offers flyers a really safe and fun environment in which to experience "free fall" and to learn to fly their body. Without all the pressures of wearing gear, jumping from a plane, wondering about their height and stability, worrying if their parachute will open and then having to focus on landing their parachute safely, tunnel flyers can simply concentrate on learning free fall skills.



Twinwoods Business Park, 36 Thurleigh Rd, Milton Ernest, Bedford MK44 1FD 


Aerodromo La Juliana, A-474, s/n, 41110 Bollullos de la Mitación, Sevilla 


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